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Product Understanding
Bespoke & Customisation


Product Understanding

What are cement tiles? Cement tiles are handmade tiles composed by cement and a layer of marble and pigments. They are pressed in an hydraulic press and left to dry in fresh air. They are a green material, no heating is involved in its production and the materials used are environmentally friendly.

Do colours vary over time? The tile colour will change slighty over time.

Why the colours can be varied? Cement tiles and pigments are completely handmade sos some slight variations in tones are a part of its natural character.

Bespoke & Customisation

Can i customise the tiles? Yes, you can custom our models, we are happy to produce tiles with your selected colours.

Can i use my own design? yes, you absolutely can. We will be happy to reproduce your designs, producing an specific mould

Can I order a custom colour? Yes, just talk to us and we will find the colour you want.

Delivery Times and Shipping

What is the delivery time? Once you have chosen your mosaic it always takes 4-5 weeks for production and drying. This waiting time is due to the fact that the mosaic is produced one by one by hand and no stocks are built up

Do you ship internationally? Yes, we ship via courier within 24/48 hours

It is possible for me arrange my own shipping? Yes of course, you can collect yourself your merchandise in our Atelier, located in Matosinhos, Oporto

Placing an order

Should i order extra tiles? Yes. We advise to order a contingency on top of the minimum quantity needed. This extra units will allow you to have replaces in case of breakage or damages in the future.

Can i return my tiles? Returns are not accepted unless tiles have been damaged in shipping.

Installation & Maintenance

Do i need to seal the cement tiles? Yes Seaking is essential to protect and ensuring the longevity of cement tiles. As they are made of cement, the tiles are very porous,so they need some protection against and humidity. After the laying of the tiles is a must to apply a coat of the sealant treatment. If you need further information about installation and the application of treatments do not hesitate to ask us, we will be glad to help you.

How do i maintain my cement tiles? The tiles should be cleaned with pH-neutral soap and water. Do not use any acids or bleach or bleach on these tiles.

What size do you suggest for grout spacing? Cement tiles has to be installed with a minimum grout space to reinforce the visual effect of the mosaic.

Can i use tinted group? The use of tinted grout is not recommended as it would produce irreversible stains in the tiles, use always a white grout.

It is possible to polish the cement tiles? Althougt the layer of pigments of our tiles has sereval milimeters of thickness we do not recommend to polish cement tiles, as the superficial layer of marble poder and pigment could be damaged during the process of polishing.

Can cement tiles be installed outdoors? It depends on the conditions of the outdoor space where the tiles will be placed. A high exposure to sun or very low temperatures will modify the aspect of some colours. For the installation outdoors we recommend a bigger group space (3-4mm). Please, get in contact with our commercial team, who will look for the best solution for your project.

Can i install your tiles on the kitchen backsplash? Yes, certainly. The sealant treatment will protect the tiles from any possible stain.

Can cement tiles be used with radiant heat floors? Yes, cement tiles are an excellent thermal conductor so they are perfect for radiant heat floor. For the installation of cement tiles as a radiant heat floors we recommend a bigger group space (3-4mm)

Delivery times and shipping
Placing a Order
Installation & Maintenance
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