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Neo deco Trend:

"lived rather

than decorated"

Offer your clients

a place rich in local flavor


Guests search places rich

in local flavor and soul

At Made Of Portugal we truly beleive that each place must have is own personality: as an extension of the uniqueness of each client. We celebrate the local flavor with a strong sense of harmony and simplicity. 

What do we do?

True to our heritage

We  bring a unique approach to each project by integrating cultural and personal elements 

Our Goal is to Convey a strong sense of place and pride in location´s heritage. By Choosing a home for a short time, Guests are naturaly able to experience a true atmosphere and feel like living in Portugal: every element used in our projects are genuine and related to our origins or manufacturers. We create stylish Interior who reminds of where we are

offers a personal and sensitive lifestyle.

Sence of details


High quality and attractive amenities, are often combining historic details with chic elegance.

Local Spirit


Localy sourced materials are exclusivly used in our decorations. From North to South with an unlimited passion.

Unique Identity

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We truly strugle for Individuality:

Each rental place has to be genuine, full of personality, caracter and soul.

How do we do?


made of Portugal

from one day consultation to full service project

Step 1


Initial Consultation


For a specific amount you will get professional advices in order to upgrade your project. You will have professional advice and valuable tools to move forward with very concrete knowledge.


GUIDELINES for our first visit

Step 2

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-11 at 15.01.jpeg


- Planning Drawings

General plan, 3d in sketchup and detailed plans

- Budget proposal and Pricing

- Town Hall Comunication 

( if required )

- Project Management

planification and timings

Step 3


Interior Decoration

- Furniture/ lighting /fabrics /dishes / ceramics /frames/ mirors /vanery ( a rental option on  furniture is possible).

- Bed and table linen / Kitchen Amenities 

- All necessary and useful details to receive your guests with high standards ( Check list for a ready made solution )

- Photo Shooting Seccion


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