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Estela 3 (eur/m2)

Estela 3 (eur/m2)


EN - Two. three or four colours with a totally different result. Ask us for a simulation and we will send you the options. 

Price two colours - 79€

Price three colous - 84€
Price four colours - 89€
Our Cement tiles are handmade tiles composed by cement and layer of marble and pigments. They are pressed in hydraulic press and left to dry in fresh air. They are green material, no heating is involved in its production and the materials used are environmentally friendly
Hidraulic mosaics are still produced one by one, and the manufacturing process has remained the same for over a century. In Portugal they are Handcrafted in Alentejo, Sintra and Algarve

Material: cement

Origin: Portuguese

Design: Local people

Dimensiones: 25*25 ( 1m2 = 25mosaic)


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