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Mosaic Table

Mosaic Table


Mosaic table

Outdoor or Indoor table with iron structure and hydraulic mosaic top. Available in other sizes and with other Mosaic Patterns. Atelier Portugal has a page dedicated to Mosaic where you can see more ( click here ).


Material: Iron and hydraulic mosaic

Origin: Portuguese

Design: Atelier Portugal

Color: Available in a large range of colour and patterns

Dimensions: 60cm x 80cm



    Please contact projeto@atelier-portugal .com for shipping.

    Conditions depends on delivery destination

  • Handmade/unique products

    Small stains and imperfections might be present and cannot be considered as defect.


  • Story

    Hidraulic mosaics are still produced one by one, and the manufacturing process has remained the same for over a century. In Portugal they are Handcrafted in Alentejo, Sintra and Algarve.

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