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Tradicional Portuguese chair in wood

Tradicional Portuguese chair in wood


The Portuguese Chair or the metalic " Cadeira de Esplanada Portuguesa" is much more than a simple chair. It is a symbol of Portugal and internationally recognised for its design and history.

Therefore, when a product reaches this status it takes its place in any type of space and accompanies any type of decoration, be it more elaborate or simple. Atelier Portugal propose this chair totaly in wood and made by artisans.


Material: Beech Wood ( also available in oak or walnut with extra price of 20 euros ) 

Origin: Portuguese

Design: Atelier Portugal Insprired by the original model of Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos 

Dimensios: L46xW56XH77




    Please contact projeto@atelier-portugal .com for shipping.

    Conditions depends on delivery destination.

  • The Story

    The first chair of this model appeared in the capital city of Lisbon in the 1920s. Recreated in the 40s in tubular metal to be used in coffee terraces first in Portugal and soon all over the world. This model came to be commonly called the Portuguese chair because it is part of the imagination of millions of Portuguese people who already feel it as their own. It has also been widely reproduced by various companies ( Adico Industry )  that have replicated the original model over the years due to its success.

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