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Square Puff

Square Puff


Atelier Portugal recycled handwoven fabrics to create stylish covers for puff. They turn into products full of details, identity and warm colors.


Material: wool, linen 

Origin: Portuguese

Design: Atelier Portugal

Color:Ecru, Brown, Orange and letters in Blue - Other patterns available on demand 

Dimensions: L55xW55xH55cm



    Please contact projeto@atelier-portugal .com for shipping. Conditions depends on delivery destination.

  • Cleaning

    Spot clean or dry clean only

  • Story

    The story behind "Arroz e Batata" handwooven Fabrics:  the tissu is recycled from Cereal Sacks. They were made during last Century in Northern and Central Portugal where women had a strong tradition in weaving and trading these amazing fabrics at home during the winter. The sacks were then precious to store and collect cereals such as wheat, oats and rye and reused for several years.

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