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Local makers

for interior design and arquitecture 

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We collect and renewed objects from all around Portugal
You can find them on-line to weave Mediterranean Style into your home! 
We run interior Projects for several kind of areas
Home/Office/Shops and create local custom made products
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Our choices are not new massive brands but soulmade products locally crafted

Crafts people and materials

As an homeware Locally sourced seller, atelier Portugal 
is also a contribute to a Sustainable living. 

When it comes to preserve crafts we are at the art of human values. Portugal has had his glorious moment in past century. In time when there was raw material enough in the country to be carefuly transformed by skilled artisans and passionate people.

Nowadays there seems to be a shift in more and more consumers in order to choose the local dream attitude. They pay more attention to understand where the product comes from and how and by whom it was made. For Us it is an endless reborn that allows to learn and to keep a precious identity.   



Reguengos de Monsaraz

Handmade in Reguengos de Monsaraz by artisans on antique looms with Portuguese wool from merino sheep. The Alentejo blankets of Reguengos use dyed wool, which distinguishes them from others produced, in a more homely and familiar way in Baixo Alentejo, where beige and brown, the natural colour of sheep, are used.


Cement Tiles

Alentejo Region

Hydraulic Mosaics are still produced one by one, and the manufacturing process has remained the same for over a century. Handcraft in Alentejo, Sintra and Algarve region. The product was presented in 1867 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris by Garret, Rivet i Cia. as a "ceramic" which did not need firing as it was solified by means of presses.



Family heritage

This family from Corval embraces the clay every morning. Each piece is unique, produced in the potter's wheel for the second and third generations of potters. They are hand painted and once in the oven, the pottery pieces are carefully placed in a frenzy of shapes, sizes and colors, all prepared for the final cooking process and glazed.



Serra Da Estrela

A fabric from the montains of the central massif of Portugal used for rigorous winters. BUREL has almost extinguished by imports of cheaper products. Due to new investers and to a lot of creativity It comes alive today in hands of several brands. 

Burel requires a manufacturing process that begins with Carding, Spinning, Weaving and Finishing.


Wool & Linen handwooven Fabrics to carry Cereals

Its origin is from North region where until the middle of the 20th century a lot of cereals were produced in Portugal. The web was made of linen cotton and the cover was made of wool. The sacks were used to transport and store the grain during the summer months. They went to the mills to make the flour and were marked with the initials of the Familias to be used again in the following years.

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To create new components  and supports for old lighting Globes we often need to had metalic pieces. Those are made by craftmanship close to extinction called "repuxador”.

From a sheet metal disc and several wood molds he produces all kind of shapes units. All metalic component are designed and handmade on demand allowing it to be customized to a client´s needs.


Restoring wood

Reconverted Wood Lovers

Atelier Portugal together with the Carpenter is dedicated to the restoration

"Put it out, put it out" is recovered by Atelier Portugal together with these artisans who, with all their love and affection, give new life to these pieces that are almost unique and that can make history in your home ...


Pure Wool Rugs

Alentejo Region

The ancients say that whoever wrapped himself in a woolen blanket was safe from lightning on stormy days.  Weavers used to carry out the whole process of wool transformation, from the shearing of the sheep to the blanket leaving the loom. 

The raw material is characterized by its color, thickness, softness and size depending on the region and the breed. Portugal has 16 native breeds that are conservation breeds.

You & Us ?

You & Us

We only collect locally sourced products:

YOU can choose from our shop on line and add it to your own space or... simply ask US to create a full interior project.

You may not have found the furniture/object you were expecting to find in our Website. 

Please leave us a message so that we can take a note and search a solution for you!

Core values

Core values


As a contribute to a Sustainable living we are a Portuguese homeware studio for a leaved interior rather than just decorated.

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We only use

Localy sourced materials


All around Portugal we collect

Unique items

used, recycled,

with a story to tell


100% Local

Objects and Creators are exclusivly from North to South of Portugal.

We Limit Transport impact and protect communities.

objects made by artisans or old collected treasures renewed with passion and love


skilled hand